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Metamorphosis 100

Sarah Vaci is currently embarking on her most ambitious art series - 100 portraits in oil of women/females who have detransitioned, with the support of Laura Becker, a detransitioned artist and writer who helped organize this project. She is a mental health advocate and can be found at Metamorphosis 100 is a way to share these women's stories and raise awareness about their experiences. As someone who briefly identified as genderqueer as an adult, and who still has trouble fully embracing womanhood, Sarah relates to many of the issues facing gender questioning young people today. She is passionate about better mental health provision to explore the causes behind gender dysphoria as many young people are being fast tracked onto a medical path sometimes with devastating consequences.


These brave women have volunteered to be painted and share their stories - if you would like to be included in the series please email Sarah at for further info. There is no cost to you and the artwork will be sent to you once the works have been exhibited. Portraits/text can be anonymous. 

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If you've been affected by any of these issues please visit :

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