Top tips for LIVE VIDEO success on Facebook for crafters and artists

In a previous life I worked as a filmmaker and had some experience of TV presenting, so the idea of doing live videos had me really excited! Over the past few months I have broadcast several times and learned so much that I wanted to share. Here are the stats for one of my most recent videos which you can watch here

It's important to note - most of the shares were not done by me, but by my viewers (exciting!) and the initial views were only around 2000 so this has built up over the past week. I've had more pet portrait enquiries after live videos than after any other posts.

So here are my top tips for a successful live video!

1) After deciding on a time (Monday/Tuesday evenings are great!) Post about your live video and create a build up of around a week, maybe mentioning daily and on Instagram when you plan to do your live video and of what.
2) Write the UK AND US times (I've had people watch in New Zealand, Canada and recently in Egypt too!)
3) Share your post on many relevant groups often, highlighting they must 'like' your page to get notified
4) Have good lighting and ideally use a tripod. I currently use a tripod with this mobile phone attachment (available here )


I am planning to invest in a Magic Arm similar to this so I can have a birds eye view of my work. 

My films are currently shot from an angle, not ideal but good enough to see what I am going and the wool in the distance adds interest! 

5) I chat constantly, even if it's not totally about my work (people buy from people, if I sound likeable perhaps my work seems more appealing! Try not to do a hard sell, I just mention any offers I have in passing) and respond to any comments when going live. If I can't see my phone screen I have my iPad on my desk so I can 

6) Suggest people watching you share/like your live video (to spread the word)

7) And most importantly don't be disheartened if only 5 people seem to be watching - I worked out that over 2 hours there could be a different 5 people dipping in and out (usually I've seen at the end that 200 people have been watching overall)
8) Share your completed Live video once it's posted! I'd love to see some of your live videos, so feel free to post them on my Facebook page and I'll share some of them there.

Good luck!

Sarah x 

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