5 reasons why wool pet portraits are wonderful! And why choose me to make one!

I've been a feltaholic for a few years now, and here are my top 5 reasons why I think wool is wonderful as a medium for pet portraits!


1. Wool translates perfectly into fur! Your beloved cat, dog, guinea pig, rat or rabbit has that beautiful furry texture that you adore, and I feel wool is the ideal medium for recreating this. My work may look like a painting but close up you can really see how the wool catches the light (hard to recreate on a computer screen!)

2. I can easily incorporate your pet's fur into my artwork! This isn't for everyone (I have had a wide range of reactions when I tell people this) but it can transform your portrait into a truly unique and personal piece. I am happy to send an SAE for you to send you pet's fur if you choose.

3. Wool is wonderfully natural so no nasty chemicals in your artwork! I'm also looking into sourcing more local wool from British sheep, and who knows - perhaps I'll have my own little sheep one day.

4. I do use dyed merino wool but increasingly I am trying to use natural undyed wool, did you know sheep are not just white??! There is a glorious broad spectrum of browns, greys and blacks my favourite being the Jacob sheep
and I especially love the perfectly named humbug wool


5. Last but not least, I find wool wonderful for blending to create contours and also for recreating fine details. I always strive to have complete customer satisfaction and use my skill to be as accurate as the photo provided - if Toby's left nostril needs to be slightly larger or Mitzy's ears are a tad fluffier - that's fine! I am more than happy to make adjustments to really capture their spirit.

Finally I just want to leave you with one of my favourite reviews to date....

"So happy with my felt portrait of my cat that I got my husband for Father's Day. I explained to Sarah that we lost this cat at only 2 years old and he was so important to us and loved very much. Sarah did the job of capturing him perfectly and got every aspect of his features and personality into the portrait. My husband loves his portrait and even got emotional when he opened it. Sarah puts her heart into making these portraits and you can tell. Can not recommend her enough! Thank you Sarah." Jayne.

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