From plasticine to pet portraits! How it all began.

I've just returned from another wonderful trip back to my motherland, Hungary (I was born in the UK but I'm genetically 100% magyar) and stumbled across Simon's Gallery where my felting obsession began, ironically on Vaci utca/street! I haven't always been a wool and colour pencil artist.

In a previous life I was actually a stop frame animator and   filmmaker, running workshops with autistic children across the UK and USA. After several years also running historical animation workshops at the British Museum (basilisk vs. dragon anyone?) and completing an MA in Community Arts, life happened and it wasn't practical to be carting around my kit and creativity across London any more.

I came across some stunning felted flowers in Budapest and became a feltaholic! I've just returned from another visit and discovered a fabulous wool shop Guzsalyas Bolt right by my grandparents' flat!  (Coincidence or fate...?) Now I'm itching to get started on my latest wool pet portrait orders with these glorious coloured wools that I have brought back.                                   


And finally - a little reminder that after you order please send me an email with photos of your pet to, remember the best pictures are outdoors with plenty of light on their faces/eyes. Also my prices will be rising slightly at the end of June.    




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  • WOWWWWWWWWWW! I love these designs, especially the ones in wool.

    Isabel Grimes

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