5 Unique and Unusual Ways to remember your Beloved Pet

I have had several beloved pets pass away, most memorably our little tortoise Ninny who we buried and marked her grave with some little stones. These days there are so many other options - so if you are looking for something truly special here are some unique and beautiful ways to commemorate your furry family member. Here are a few of my favourite ideas :

1) Pets Ashes into glass Where your pet close to your heart by having their ashes made into a stunning piece of jewellery.

2) Memorial tattoo using your pet's ashes A more unusual way to immortalise your pet would be to have their ashes mixed into a tattoo. Certainly a permanent reminder and comfort of your beloved.

3) Memorial firework One of my favourite ideas (and one I've considered to myself as I adore fireworks!!) is to have your pet's ashes placed in a firework, and then watch a glorious display in the sky celebrating their wonderful life.

4) An online memorial page For a permanent online place to commemorate and remember your loved one, this looks wonderful.

5) A unique wool portrait that can even include your pet's fur. A truly special work of art to treasure for generations, that captures the personality of your furry friend through the wonderful tactile fluffiness of wool.




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