My top 5 favourite PUG facts!

So this week's "Dog of the Week" discount is for pugs (simply enter PUG25 at checkout) and until now all I knew is that they were cute, comical with many folk absolutely CRAZY about all things pugnacious (can I copyright that word?). Alternative pug artefacts I've come across verge from the sublime to the rather bizarre and I like to think I provide something which adds a little sophistication and nobility to this sweet creature. So here are my favourite 5 pug facts that I have gleaned :

1. Pugs were originally bred to sit on the laps of Chinese Emperors (Mashable) Can you imagine my fellow staring out at his subjects?

2. Apparently Marie-Antoinette had a pug named 'Mops' as a teenager (they're really in with royalty aren't they!?) (

3. A pack of pugs is called a grumble! Can you see why?

4. Pugs feature in the movie "The Adventures of Milo and Otis" and my son is called Milo! How's that for a coincidence!

5. Best pug fact ever! Napoleon Bonaparte's new wife Josephine had a Pug named Fortune. On their wedding night, Napoleon objected to the dog sleeping in their bed. Josephine told Napoleon, "If the Pug does not sleep in our bed, neither do I!"

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