b. 1977 London, England

Sarah Vaci is a practicing contemporary artist based in Devon and London. Her pieces are often standalone artworks relating to mental health, gender, politics and power. Her most recent exhibition The Power and The Glory (2020, Artizan Gallery) focussed on political power and gender identity, and showcased "Pest" a dynamic triptych of Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un using wool portraiture to subvert iconic masculinity through the soft, feminine, organic nature of fibre.


Studying Time Based Media at the Kent Institute of Art and Design 1996-99, led to an exploration of the human condition and the power dynamics of sado-masochism and eroticism through video installations and animation. These themes and story-telling techniques developed during this time are prevalent in the work that Sarah continues to produce today. Her early career working in prisons, hospitals and with children with autism led to an interest in biology and the mind and this passion has influenced her successive work. 

Complimenting an MA in Cross-sectoral and Community Arts from Goldsmiths College, Sarah taught animation at the British Museum, alongside her time-based work video and animations surrounding taboos and the body. The experiences gathered during this time enabled Sarah to reflect in new ways on her practise, embracing the unexpected.